A team of NA legends is reuniting to take on Toast’s new LoL squad in place of LCS opening day

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With the 2023 LCS Summer Split currently on a two-week hold, new North American Challengers League org owner Disguised Toast is hosting a hype match of his own today as a substitute—and the rival team certainly has League of Legends fans celebrating.

After a near half-decade hiatus from the scene, a squad of NA League legends is reuniting to take on DSG’s new NACL roster. Instead of the LCS Summer Split kicking off at 4pm CT on Thursday, June 1, Toast’s new NA Challengers League roster will take on the old Delta Fox roster at the same time.

Delta Fox, a squad made up of former members of the NA Meme Stream Dream Team, will be reuniting after nearly five years for this special showcase matchup. The roster⁠—stacked with former legends and champions of the LCS stage⁠—will take on an NACL roster loaded with fresh NA talent, at least according to the hype from fans.

Back in 2017, this very Delta Fox roster of Dyrus, Shiphtur, imaqtpie, Voyboy, and Scarra captured the attention of everyone in NA by coming out of retirement for a final run at competitive League play. Delta Fox were the Academy roster under the now-defunct LCS organization Echo Fox, which means this showmatch is bringing together two “Academy” teams from past and present.

Delta Fox competed in the NA Challenger Series 2017 Summer Split, where they finished dead last. The veteran roster failed to win a series and ended up with a 0-10 record. In fact, the squad only managed three game wins across the entire split.

Yet, despite the torrid record, Delta Fox were cheered on by masses of NA fans as they searched for just one win. While they failed to find a victory on stage, the real win came from the way Delta Fox captured the hearts of the LCS community. 

No one could’ve anticipated a return for the memeified Delta Fox five stack, but it wasn’t out of the question. The guys still keep in touch and frequently hang out online or even in person, with Shiphtur even posting late last year a tribute to the Delta Fox squad. Factor in both Scarra and Toast are longtime friends and a part of streaming squad OfflineTV too and this showmatch begins to make more and more sense.

With the start of the 2023 LCS Summer Split delayed due to the current player walkout over recent changes made by Riot to NA’s tier-two scene, Toast continues to win over the hearts of NA League fans. This wholesome showmatch should be a great way for everyone in the scene to take a step back and just enjoy a “for fun” match with a ton of familiar faces.

This will also serve as not only the first look at the DSG NACL squad but the first League match played by the DSG org⁠—one NA fans hope will be far from the last.

In a bid to avoid missing LCS playoffs completely, FlyQuest has today made a change for the run home in the Summer Split, benching mid laner VicLa and promoting in-house prodigy Djalal “Spirax” Djiar to the League of Legends starting roster in what will be the Canadian’s debut in the North American competition.

FlyQuest president Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith and general manager Nicholas Phan spoke at length about the decision in a video on July 11, stating that with a 3-9 record the performance of the team “had fallen below pre-season expectations.”

“At the end of week four we took a look at everything and decided this might be the time for us to institute some change and inject a little bit of new blood into our program,” Phan said, indicating Spirax’s attitude and form over both his time in the NACL and in LCS scrims recently pushed the decision over the line.

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